DBC 3 Days

This weekend I did DBC 3 Days track race in Copenhagen, including my first ever UCI Omnium.

The first day, Friday, I was terrified! Shaking, and regretting my participation. Afraid of being dropped in front of the audience and on Eurosport livestream. And, I even got the feared number 13.

DBC 3 days number 13

But, after the first race, a scratch race, I was more confident. I didn’t get dropped and I even had a little breakaway. Second race, the tempo race, was all about survival and my heart rate went as heigh as 194. But again, I wasn’t dropped!

The elimination race is my absolute weakest point, and it was no surprise that I was the first rider to be eliminated. For the 80 lap points race I was low on power after the first races, and because I use most of my energy closing gaps and sitting in the wind. I’m still not comfortable with sitting in the bunch, but I improve little my little.

DBC 3 days
Day one was a tough one!

Day 2 went a little better, and I was not nervous at all – first win of the day!

We did another scratch race where I attacked in the end, got company, but couldn’t stay on her wheel and half a lap from the finish, I was catched by the others – damn it! I still finished 8th which is a whole lot better than my usual spot as last. Elimination was history repeats itself, and the points race was one more race of survival.

DBC 3 days Jesper Skovbølle
Photo: Jesper Skovbølle

Day 3, and last race day, was nothing to talk about really. The elimination race went as usual, and in the points race I wanted to try something, but another rider was always going before me.

After all, I’m happy I took up the challenge. I’m happy to see how much I have improved on the track. But, I still have a lot to learn. Not only sitting in the bunch, saving energy, but also on the tactical level. It’s a shame that track season is over, but I’ll be back 😉

DBC 3 days ladies
All the ladies

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