Training Camp Nerja 3

If you have not read part 2, you can find it here.

It was my plan to write about the last days in Spain, before I went to live in the Netherlands, but suddenly I had a lot of other things to do, and I ran out of time. But, you know what they say “better late than never” 😉 So, even though this might be a bit out of date, I still want to share it. Last part will be online tomorrow. Enjoy!

Day 6 – Saturday

Saturday, I had to say goodbye to Trine and hello to some days on my own. I had been around people 24/7 for 2-3 weeks, so I was looking forward to a little time by myself. Although, I also enjoyed the company I have had very much!

In the morning I met with some of the guys from CC Narixa. Actually, we were six different nationalities together from Finland, Denmark, England, Hungary, Spain and Canada. How cool is that? 😉 We were heading east to Lújar, and I discovered both new and familiar roads. The scenery was changing a lot from beach views, to mountain rocks and a landscape in start of blossom.

The weather was good, and I was happy – in my right element! That was at least unbtil we went through a village, looking for coffee, but only found ridiculously steep roads around 15-20%, as I recall it. Eventually, we found coffee by the coast, in Almuñecar.

When we returned to Nerja I still needed a little more time on the bike, so two of the guys joined me for another coffee at La Bella Julieta. It’s always nice when you get support for the long rides 🙂

I ended up spending 8,5 hours in lycra (only 6,5 on the bike) but I loved evert minute of it!

Check today’s ride here.

Day 7 – Sunday

Sunday, it was time for a Sunday ride with CC Narixa. I was looking forward to saying hello to people I hadn’t seen since Summer, or some even last Winter. A lot of people showed up! I saw many new faces, and it’s great that Narixa can attract so many riders. I even talked with a fellow Dane.

CC Narixa
The Sunday grupetto

We met 8:30 for a coast ride to the Macharaviaya climb. As always easy out, full gas up and easy home. I had decided to go for the QOM on the climb, since it fittet my scheduled effort, even though I was a bit tired from yesterday’s ride.

Before we reached the climb, I had to pee. I can’t ride 100% if I feel the need to pee, so when the others were stopping for a red light, I jumped off the bike and inside a café to use their toilet. Being my friend in need, as always, Carlos waited for me, so I didn’t have to chase down the group alone.

Macharaviaya climb
The top of Macharaviaya climb

It was a little cold in the morning, and I was not wearing gloves, so my hands were too frozen to be able to zip my jersey myself, after visiting the toilet, so I had to ask Carlos to do it (he was smart wearing gloves) and I felt like a helpless child standing there, not able to use my hands (haha).

Macharaviaya climb
Going for the Strava QOM

Anyway, we hit the climb and I started my mission. The guys “race” a little different than I do my pacing, so while I am keeping my wattage no matter if the roads goes up or down, the men go hard up and rest a bit on the flat parts. That meant we were passing each other many times going up, which was a little funny. I reached the top pretty empty, believing I didn’t made it in time for the QOM, but when I uploaded my ride to Strava, I actually got it!

El Borge
El Borge

On our way down from Macharaviaya, some of us turned right, before the end, to go on an extra loop. It was a little more climbing, and suddenly I felt very bad. I was dizzy, couldn’t focus and my hands were sweating. I even had to tell Carlos to stop talking to me, because I was feeling sick. I think I was bonking hard, even though I had been eating and drinking as usually, but the QOM attempt was maybe a bit too much for my body.

Restore Cycling

I ate and drank some more, and started to feel better, but I never felt completely fresh again, so I took it very easy on the climbs afraid of bonking again.

Carlos, Markus and I ended the ride on El Camaradu for brunch. Markus, a guy from Finland, had talked so much about the place, that we had to try. And it was delicious! I was eating a lot, but when Markus took his third gigantic piece of cake (after clearing the brunch buffet), I stopped following. I was impressed!

CC Narixa
Supporting friends

As the number freak I am, I was so close to reach 30 hours on the bike this week, that I wanted to ride 20 more minutes after the brunch. Again, the men joined me – good friends 🙂 It wasn’t a pleasure with a full stomach, but I did it only to realize I still needed 2 more minutes – damn it! I decided NOT to do the last 2 minutes after all, I’m not that crazy (yet).

Check today’s ride here.

Day 8 – Monday

A much-needed rest day, and I went out on the bike alone. When my head is a little too filled up and stressed, I like to go for a solo ride to clear my head. I also like to explore a bit, so after a coffee at – guess where? Yup, La Bella Julieta – I “accidently” Googled ‘ice cream’, and was suggested ‘Heladería Zeus’ by the beach. I found it, tasted it, liked it. Time to spin home.

After riding, I went to do some laundering, and I also went to the hairdresser. Same place as last time I cut my hair, in the Summer, and it was about time! I don’t enjoy going to the hairdresser, so I only do it 1-2 a year. Waiting for so long means they must cut a lot off. I think I lost around 10 centimeters, but it looked good and still long enough for a bun (a very small bun), a braid and a ponytail – which I have 90% of the time.

All set and ready for the last days in Nerja…

Check today’s ride here.

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