Training Camp Nerja 2

If you have not read part 1, you can find it here.

Day 3 – Wednesday

The guys from CC Narixa had planned a long Wednesday ride which fitted perfectly with my 5-hour schedule. I was excited to be riding with them again after 6 months of absence.

CC Narixa
Off we go…

On these rides we are more foreigners than locals and I was happy to see familiar faces when we met early in the morning. I think it’s awesome that we can all be gathered once again. Five different nationalities independent of each other being in Nerja at the same time. We were one Hungarian, one Canadian, one English, two Spanish and two Danish riders. Only nationality missing was the Swedish and then the group would be whole.

La Gorgoracha
Climbing to La Gorgoracha

Nevertheless, we headed east to Motril where we climbed to La Gorgoracha. It was close to 7 kilometers with only 4% average gradient, so nothing serious, but a new one for me. We continued to Molvizar and Itrabo which was a bit steeper and I especially appreciated the part with double digit gradients (ironi can appear).


I took it easy and let boys be boys. It can be tempting to try and outrace them, but I didn’t want to risk going down on our first ride together. They might be slightly older than me, but they are still strong as hell!

CC Narixa
View to Sierra Nevada

We wanted to find a sunny spot for a coffee, but after trying to conquer one road steeper than the other in a small village I don’t know the name of, we decided to do a stop in Almuñecar by the coast.

Coffee Almuñecar
Coffee in Almuñecar

Because it is Trines first time here, the guys wanted to show her the view from Cerro Gordo on our way home. We were also lucky to see two mountain goats doing their thing on the vertical rocks. I don’t know how they do it, but it is very cool!

Cerro Gordo
Can you spot the goats?

It was a great day on the bike. Good company and even though it was a bit cold in the morning, the sun was warming in the afternoon.

La Gorgoracha
Some is enjoying more than others 😉

Back home I made risotto for dinner and it might be the best risotto I have ever made. I used wholegrain rice and added broth, white wine, mushroom, fresh spinach, red onion, lots of garlic and even more parmesan cheese. On the side I fried a piece of salmon and steamed some broccoli. Dinner for queens!

Risotto for dinner

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Day 4 – Thursday

Another sunny day and us two women were on a ride on our own. I wanted to show Trine the road to Puerto del Sol. One of my favorites climbs and the tallest nearby. It is a favorite because it’s almost without traffic, has stunning views and several hairpins.

Selfie Puerto del Sol
On our way to Puerto del Sol

The road to the bottom of the climb is a bit long and can be with a lot of traffic depending of the time a day. Today, we went out a bit earlier than normal and avoided the rush hour.

View from Periana

The first climb was to Periana and I was going after the Strava QOM. There are several segments of the Periana climb and unfortunately, I went after the wrong one – I went after one I already had, doh! I didn’t feel like I had the legs today, but I was “only” 20 seconds from the crown on one of the other segments to Periana, so too bad. Next time! 😉

Puerto del Sol climb
Road to Puerto del Sol

After enjoying the view from Periana, we continued to Puerto del Sol. I remember the first time going up there. I was some kilos heavier, just getting back in shape after my broken elbow and bone-bruise in my knee, and joining the local club CC Narixa.

Puerto del Sol
Hairpins going up Puerto del Sol

It felt SO hard, I was dying and the road to the top seemed endless. Today, I really enjoyed and when I don’t have to go full gas, it feels a lot easier to climb now than one year ago. Amazing what a difference a loss of kilos and added fitness can do.

Puerto del Sol
The top of Puerto del Sol

Reaching the top, we had to go the same way down. It is possible to do a loop, but it would be a bit too long for us today. So, missing the crown up, I decided to try for the QOM down. I got it down from Puerto del Sol and tried down from Periana, but my wheel slipped in a corner, there was a little traffic in my way, and I also think I need a strong tailwind on the long flat section, before I can claim that crown 😉

Puerto del Sol
Road to Puerto del Sol

With no coffee stop along the way, I decided that we had lunch at Burriana Beach. They have a delicious paella on one of the restaurants and another of my favorite coffee places are also based on that beach.

Paella Burriana Beach
Lunch at Burriana Beach

Paella for lunch and pancake with ice cream for dessert. The only downside of going to Burriana Beach on the bike is the 800 meters long hill back up with a maximum gradient of 17% being 7% in average. It’s not easier to climb it when you have just eaten. But all worth it!

Tropysol Burriana Beach
Coffee and pancake at Tropysol

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Day 5 – Friday

Friday is rest day and Friday means breakfast ride with CC Narixa. Leaving town at 8:00 for breakfast in Benajarafe and it was freezing! The sun was only about to rise but the mood was high.

Sunrise Nerja
Beautiful sunrise

In spain a typical breakfast is “pitufo con tomate” which is bread with smashed-tomato-sauce-ish and olive oil. I don’t understand how anyone can be satisfied with that. I like it, it’s not that, but as a snack, not as breakfast. I ordered coffee, bread with cheese and ham and a fresh orange juice. Still not enough breakfast for me, but enough for the ride.

Breakfast ride Benajarafe
Breakfast in Benajarafe
Breakfast ride

We were told about a new café in Nerja called El Camaradu with great coffee, so when we came back, we decided for another coffee stop. The café was not that easy to find, but we managed. It was nice to sit on their terrace tanning with a good tasting coffee. The owners of the café are Romanians and they roast the beans themselves.

El Camaradu
Coffee at El Camaradu

Today we also had time for a walk in Nerja and I couldn’t resist when we passed Albi. What is a rest day without ice cream anyway?

Albi ice cream
I just love ice cream!

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