Training Camp Mallorca 3

If you haven’t read part 1, do it here. Or part 2 here.

Day 9 – Friday

Almost 5 hours in the book today. It was a tough one starting with sprint efforts changing between 100 and 200 meters of sprinting every 2 kilometers for I don’t know how many times.


After rolling to freshness again, we did a 5 kilometers TTT. Then we span the legs again, before doing an uphill sprint of 400 meters. Then another easy spin followed by a 10 kilometers hilly race. I tried to attack and closed some attacks, but it all ended in a bunch sprint, where I had no power left.

Restore Cycling Mallorca
Restore Cycling Ladies

We finished off with another 10 kilometers race after 4 hours of riding, but this times with two teams. We were only five riders, so very small teams. One of two riders and one of three. I was on the two-rider team.

On my team, we discussed a little tactics, but since we were outnumbered, we wanted to wait for the others to make the first move. They did not, and suddenly I had a gap and tried my luck, but got caught.

Me and Dorien

In the end, I had a gap with one from the other team, but then we were caught shortly before the finish line. That was perfect for my team mate, because she could sit on the wheel of the others and take the win with a strong sprint.

We were all a bit tired after that training (why I also didn’t take many pictures), so we were very happy that we could have pancakes when we came home. There were natural ones, some baked with cheese and some baked with banana. The last two versions were new to me. The Dutch people put schenkstroop on the pancakes, which is a kind of syrup. Tastes good.

Billedresultat for koekreep

In the Netherlands they also like something called Rinse Appelstroop which is kind of salty. I don’t really like it. But I like their koekreep (a bread/cake thing), especially for a long rides.

Check today’s ride here.

Day 10 – Saturday

The last ride on Mallorca was with a lot of climbing. We went west heading for Andratx on a 120 kilometers long route with around 2000 meters of climbing. It was beautiful and with different stunning sceneries from almonds trees in blossom, to mountains covered in mist and views to the blue ocean bathed in sunlight.


I took a lot of pictures! People have asked me how I do it – take the pictures whilst riding – and it’s easy: I ALWAYS keep my phone in the right-sided pocket and rarely have anything else in that pocket. In that way, I can quickly get it out. I don’t have to open the phone to take a picture, just a slide on the screen and a press on a button. I do it quickly and take a few pics without looking at them, just hoping for a good result. Sometimes I’m very lucky, other times I need to delete a lot. I rarely stop to take a picture, and indeed it is much easier to capture something going uphill due to the speed, but sometimes I risk a bit, taking a picture downhill or at high speed on the flat (it is stupid, I know!).

Well, we started the day with some flat riding and then a short climb of a few kilometers, just to feel the legs. Then, we had a 5-6 kilometers long climb to Valdemossa (I think) that was kind of a race. We have a very strong climber on the team, so no surprise that she took the win.


After refueling on a gas station, it was time for a long section of up and down to Andratx. I really liked that part! So many different impressions, through villages and raw nature. Not much traffic or other people either.

Minna and Dorien

From Andratx it was a little bit more up and down, and then another short competetion-climb of 2,5 kilometers. From the top it was downhill to Palma and then flat on the coast to El Arenal with almost 5 hours on the bike in great weather. A nice way to finish off the team camp!

Mallorca sheeps
Made some new friends on Mallorca

Check today’s ride here.

Day 11 – Sunday

It’s the end of team camp on Mallorca and the beginning of my private camp in Nerja. I’m having a day off the bike, so plenty of time to pack the bike and my bags, before catching the plane at 13:35.

Aeropuerto de Palma
Adiós! Doei!

It has been 10 good days of getting to learn my team mates and staff a lot better and getting a good number of kilometers in the book. It was my first time on Mallorca for biking, but maybe not my last.

Aeropuerto de Palma
Killing time at the airport, writing this blog post 🙂

In 10 days TrainingPeaks tells me I have done 37,5 hours on the bike covering 998 kilometers with 9.530 elevation meters in total and burned 18.771 calories. My fitness has gone up with 13 points in the last week, so form is starting to show.


Now, I’m looking forward to catching up with friends in Nerja, get rid of my natural gloves (tanned hands and white arms) as well as the revers panda-eyes, and of course to have a big ice cream!!

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