Training Camp Mallorca 2

If you haven’t read part 1, do it here.

Day 5 – Monday

Today, the sun finally decided to come out and play! The whole day was with sunshine, blue skies and not a lot of wind – just perfect! Still only 13 degrees, but better than the other days.

Me and one of the Finnish girls, Minna.

We went north on a loop from El Arenal through Santa María del Camí to Inca and back through Sencelles and Llucmajor. A much prettier scenery than the east coast, and hillier. I liked it a lot!

Empty roads on Mallorca

We had an 3,5 hours easy ride, but with the possibility to do some short uphill sprints and a 4-5 kilometers uphill tempo to Randa that kind of ended in a race between some of us. I hope it won’t affect the legs too much for tomorrow’s queen stage of 165 kilometers with 3000 meters of altitude.

Going up to Randa

For once, we were home early, so I took a little walk on my own after lunch. I went down to the beach, which at this time a year is totally empty. Almost all the beach shops are closed (including the ‘heladerías’ (ice cream)), and not many people are around.

Platja de Palma

The last time I was at Platja de Palma, I was not even thinking about cycling. I was running every morning on the promenade and tanning on the beach for the rest of the day. How life has changed since then! The friend I was travelling with back then is a married mother now, and I am acting like a professional cyclist 😉

Running on Platja de Palma in 2014

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Day 6 – Tuesday

A major day was on the paper today! The lack of climbs the last days was made up for with 3000 meters of altitude spread over 165 kilometers. I had a good sleep and was looking forward to a day in the mountains.

Early birds along the beach

We started a bit earlier than normal (9:30) and it was FREEZING! You could see your own breath as it was down to 1 degree Celsius. But as we got further the temperature rose and we had up to 17 degrees with the sun coloring our faces too (at least my face, and I now have the famous panda-eyes).

Beautiful roads going up

We started our loop from El Arenal going north to Inca. From there we turned west through Selva and Lluc, climbing ‘Coll de sa Batalla’ (8 kilometers with an average gradient of 5%) before reaching the top of Sa Calobra (or actually it is ‘Coll dels Reis’ which is 9,5 kilometers with 7% in average gradient).

Short pit-stop on top of Coll de sa Batalla

The funny thing about Sa Calobra is, that you must go down, before you can go up and once down, you can only go up to get anywhere else. Unless you take the ferry from the habour.

The bottom of Sa Calobra or Coll dels Reis

So, we went down a nice descent with a few hairpins and in the bottom, there was the most beautiful harbor. Mountain rocks standing tall and proud bathed in sun and with the bluest sky as a background. Picture perfect!

But, no time for more than one photo, then the climbing back to the top began. As always, when I don’t know a climb, I want to enjoy it and get to know it in my own pace. So, I stayed in my zone 3 being able to admire the view and still get some decent work done. Maybe next time, I will see how fast I can go up.

Sa Calobra / Coll dels Reis
Sa Calobra / Coll dels Reis
Sa Calobra / Coll dels Reis

It is a beautiful climb in many ways, and it is not too step or long. I got a little competitive in the end, trying to finish in 45 minutes. But I forgot where the top was, so I had to hurry in the end and reached the top with my tongue hanging out of my mouth in 43:37 – phew!

Made it!

On the top we had a short break, refueling with pancakes and other good stuff, and then we had a little more climbing to do, before descending Puig Major. An almost 14 kilometers nice, long descent with wide roads and easy corners. I went fast! So no time for pictures…

The top of Sa Calobra

Then, there was only one climb left up Coll de Sóller which is 5 kilometers with an average gradient of 5%). That was easy peasy after Sa Calobra, except I was trying to follow our two lightweight mountain goats, so when they went medium, I was struggling a bit more. I had to lose them in the last kilometer and all I noticed on our way up was a lot of sharp cornering (hairpins).

Down to ground zero again

From Sóller it was a lot of downhill and flat the last 40 kilometers back home. Thank God! After so many hours on the bike, I just wanted to go home as fast as possible.

From the left: Marieke, Kirsten, Dorien, Minna, me and Ida

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Day 7 – Wednesday

Today was another easy day on the bike, because of the epic ride yesterday, but I threw in some zone 4 efforts along the way. I remember doing these efforts in the cold at home recently, and they felt so hard. Today, even though we had a long ride yesterday with many meters of altitude, they felt a lot easier, so I’m looking forward to doing a 20 minutes test (or at least till when it is over) next week and see if I have gone stronger over the winter.

From the left: Sari (from another team) and Kirsten
Campos, I think…

Anyway, we went by the coast to Campos, where we had a coffee at CurroBikes. A nice combined bike-shop and café. I think almost everybody ended up buying something there, besides coffee, and I bought new socks – that matches the Restore Cycling outfit of course.

Coffee at CurroBikes (Campos)
New socks!

On our way home we took the smaller roads with very few cars and with trees in blossom on both sides of the road. Beautiful on a sunny day like today. The only “downside” is, that there is A LOT of straight roads here on Mallorca, and it can get a little boring. But on the other hand, it was great for doing my efforts 🙂

Me and Dorien

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Day 8 – Thursday

Another rest day today and I wanted to try out the Cycling Planet Café in Alaró, because I had seen it on Instagram and the food as well as the coffee looked soooo delicious. Only problem was that there are more or less 30 kilometers from El Arenal to Alaró, so a bit long for a recovery spin. I went anyway, since I don’t know when I will be back on this island, so I better get the most out of my stay.

Somewhere along the way to Alaró

I went alone since no one else felt for the same adventure and got on my bike around 10:00 in the morning. The weather was nice. Warm, but a bit cloudy, and little wind.

I had made a route on Strava, but as always, when I am my own tour guide, I got lost somewhere along the way. One of the roads was closed, so my Garmin sent me on a little detour. After about 1,5 hour I finally arrived in Alaró to a stuffed café.

Wrong way

I ordered a toasted slice of bread with cheese, serrano ham and avocado besides a cappuccino and a coke. It was yum! I ate it quickly, I always eat quickly, and after half an hour, I was back on the road.

Fancy toilet at Cycling Planet Bikes

To not get lost again, I decided to follow the GPS on my Garmin, but that might not be my best idea to date. It took me to Palma, before back to El Arenal, so another 1,5 hours more or less, and one long recovery spin richer. Good thing we only have two tough days of training coming up! (Ironi can appear).

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