Training Camp Mallorca 1

Finally, training camp is here! I will stay 10 days on Mallorca with my team and 10 days in Nerja afterwards on my own (joined by a friend some of the days). So, three weeks in Spain – wuhuu! 🙂

Mallorca ride
Smiling on Mallorca

Day 1 – Thursday

I landed on Thursday afternoon, just in time to do a short spin before sunset. I had to go on my own, because the others had landed earlier, and was already on the road.

I have never been on Mallorca before, so I didn’t know where to go. We live in a small town just outside Palma, El Arenal, but it took me 20 minutes to find my way out of town and to the main road.

Main road on Mallorca

I decided to continue West, staying by the coastline not to get lost. It felt so good with double digit degrees, even if it was only 12 or so. There wasn’t a lot of traffic, and I only met a few other cyclists. The road was a little bit up and down, but mostly flat. It was great to be on my race bike again, instead of my winter bike. Back to light weight, aero position and electronic gears.

Sunset ride Mallorca
Sunset on Mallorca

I went 45 minutes in one direction, turned the bike, and went 45 minutes in the other direction. The Restore Cycling team stays in a big house, and I found out that it is right next to the hotel of the professionals doing Challenge Mallorca this week. On my way home from my spin, I was passed by a rider from Trek-Segafredo. I was going the same way as him, so I don’t hope he thought I was just following – haha.

Check today’s ride here.

Day 2 – Friday

We woke up to a very windy and rainy Mallorca – damn it! So, we decided to postpone our training till the afternoon in hope for better weather.

Our strategy worked, and we didn’t get any drops from above, only slightly wet roads and a lot of wind. Almost perfect conditions with a temperature of 10-15 degrees.

Playa de Palma
Playa de Palma

We did two sets of 3x 200 meters sprints, and very unexpected, I managed to kick in a new PB in 5-, 10- and 12-seconds peak performances. We also did a high-speed echelon, before going up a short climb of 1,5 kilometers full gas.

Happy after sprint efforts

In the uphill “race” decided to follow one of the strong girls, letting her decide the pace. I slipped in a wet corner, got out of rhythm, and had to close a small gap to go back on her wheel. Then, with 400 meters left, I passed her, she passed me again, and then we went neck to neck for the last 100 meters. It was hard to call a winner, since I did not know where the finish line was, but it was fun and only took 5 minutes of pain resulting in another new PB! What is happening coach PeakPower?

Exploring Mallorca
Exploring Mallorca

After the climb, we did a 10-12 kilometers tempo on rolling hills to Llucmajor before heading back home, nice and easy. A great day on the bike with 99 kilometers and 3,5 hours.

Check today’s ride here.

Day 3 – Saturday

Today, was an easy day. Easy in the way that we had to go in zone 1-2 for 4,5 hours. It was a pretty flat route with less than 900 elevation meters. The first three hours was great with sunshine and a nice tailwind.

Playa de Palma
Mechanical problems

Then, we turned into evil headwind, a few showers and a temperature around 7 degrees. If I wanted that, I would have stayed at home! We ended up being on the road for more than five hours due to the wind conditions.

Rainbow ride
Spot the rainbow!

But, today at least, I had a good chance to see a lot of the Mallorcan island and to be honest, I don’t like it as much as Andalucía. I might be a bit biased, since Costa del Sol feels like my second home, and I might just need to go into the mountains to see Mallorca’s real beauty. I will on our queen stage with Inca, Puig Major, Sa Calobra and Soller.

Restore Cycling Mallorca
Coach Rob leading the way

Check today’s ride here.

Day 4 – Sunday

Today is rest day, and we started the day with breakfast followed by walking to the beach to watch the start of Trofeo Playa de Palma.

Trofeo Playa de Palma
Start of Trofeo Playa de Palma

Afterwards, we found a cafe where we could watch U23 Women Cyclocross World Championship. One of the Dutch girls from Restore Cycling was participating and came in 3rd after a great fight.

Cycling cafe
Where we watched CX Worlds

Then, me and one of the other girls went on the bike to Palma to watch the finish of Trofeo Playa de Palma. We decided to go via the bike path by the beach, but it was tricky! Curves, narrow, many pedestrians, skaters, other cyclists, sand etc., so it was like doing our own little cyclocross race.

Playa de Palma
To Palma by the beach

Eventually, we reached Palma after half an hour. We found a café to share a sandwich and drink a coke, while watching the last kilometers of the race.

Katusha Cycling
Nice ride home

When we decided to turn our bikes home, the whole Katusha team (Kittel had won the race) was passing, so we followed. Who would be saying no to a free ride home? Our team house is right next to the hotel of the professionals, remember, so we were going in the same direction anyway 😉 And, they new a better way than the one we took, so, win win in my opinion.

Selfie Mallorca
Selfie time

Back home I made lasagna for the girls, and tomorrow it’s back to real training.

Check today’s ride here.

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