The end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019

Danish Championship Individual Pursuit podium

It has been a while since my last update, but my computer broke down before Christmas and I was without it for 3-4 weeks. In the meantime, a lot have happened, and now I’m ready to share some of it.

Restore Cycling
Restore Cycling jersey

New year, new team

First of all, I started 2019 on a new team, Restore Cycling Women Team. A Dutch club team based in Pijnacker, Netherlands. I have been with the team two times before Christmas. Meeting the other riders, training in the dutch cross winds, discussing the race calendar and trying the light blue team clothes.

I will race the whole season with the team, so I will need to temporally move to the Netherlands. It will be an exciting and challenging year, I think, but I am ready to take the ride.

Danish Championship Individual Pursuit
Photo: Jesper Skovbølle

Track season

On the track, I have developed a lot since October! I started with a pumping heart on every training, being scared to be on the track, especially with others. Now, I enjoy the track without fear, and I even race, although I still struggle with being comfortable among the other riders.

Photo: Jesper Skovbølle

I didn’t have to worry about other riders in the Danish Championship Individual Pursuit back in December. I only had to worry about my legs, and the lack of equipment. Being nervous on track have made me not care about equipment, because it didn’t really seemed necessary as long as I didn’t feel comfortable riding.

So, I was going to do the individual pursuit with the same setup as on any training, except for a disc wheel I was allowed to borrow. During the warm up, I talked with some of the other riders, and the conversations were something like this:

Rider 1: “Don’t you have front wheel?” (that matches the disc, he meant).
Me: “No”
Rider 1: “Here, you can borrow mine”
Me: “Thanks!”

Python track bike
My Phyton track bike went from regular to very cool in no time.

Rider 2: “Don’t you have a TT handlebar?”
Me: “No, I haven’t tried that on track before”
Rider 2: “You can borrow mine”
Me: “Thanks!”

Danish Championship Individual Pursuit
Borrowed handlebars and helmet made me a lot more aerodynamic.
Photo: Jesper Skovbølle

Rider 3: “Don’t you have an aero helmet?”
Me: “Yes, but I ride my bike to track, so can’t have two helmets with me”
Rider 3: “You can borrow mine”
Me: “Thanks!”

And suddenly, with help that I’m very grateful for, I had an awesome setup! Now, it was all about the speed my legs could produce. It was my first ever individual pursuit, haven’t even trained it, so I didn’t know what to expect or what to be capable of.

On track, you are not allowed to use any electronic devices, so I didn’t have anything to pace me other than the feeling. I just went as fast as I could, without killing myself completely.

Danish Championship Individual Pursuit
Danish Championship Individual Pursuit 2018 podium
Photo: Jesper Skovbølle

I felt good, but I was also afraid to be catched from behind by my opponent. That never happened. Instead I was close to catching her on the last lap. I was so focused that I couldn’t figure out which finish line was mine, so I did an extra lap just to be sure.

My time for the 3000 meters was 3:53,850 and good enough for a second place, and I was really happy! I was only 4 seconds from the gold medal, so maybe I should train the discipline for next year 😉

Danish Championship track
Photo: Jesper Skovbølle

The same weekend, we also raced Nationals in scratch and points race. None of them went good for me, but I learnt a lot. Track season is over for me now, but next season I hope to improve my racing and get into Madison. I tried Madison briefly on a training session and it was a lot of fun.

Ballerup Super Arena
Photo: Jesper Skovbølle

Training camp

My next adventure is training camp in two weeks – I can’t wait! First, I’m going to Mallorca with my team. It will be my first time cycling on the Spanish island, and I look forward to trying some new roads and climbs.

Straight after, I will continue to Nerja, my second home, for some epic rides with my Spanish friends. Being home in the cold, wet Danish winter weather, makes me miss Spain a lot, so I look forward to be back. And, with three weeks in the south, I hope to be in shape and ready for the season-start in March.