Racing in Slagelse and Greve

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Slagelse Løbet 2018

Saturday I was racing in Slagelse. We were 19 elite women, so we had our own peloton again. The sun was out, but the wind was horrible! The route was open and hilly, so combined with crosswind it was a tough day at the office. We had to ride 100 kilometers with four laps.

The Scandic team had seven riders on the start list, so I knew they were going to attack until they got a rider away from the bunch. In the beginning I covered the attacks, but after some time I felt it was someone else’s turn to close the gap, but no one did, so a single Scandic rider drifted away.

Josefine and I tried to close the gap but we didn’t get much help. The peloton split in the crosswind and I ended in a pursuit group of six riders. Two of them was from the Scandic team, so we were only four riders to do the work. We did our best trying to reach the rider in front, but it was too late.

10 kilometers from the finish line Josefine unfortunately had a puncture. Five kilometers to go one of the Scandic riders attacked and I was too tired to follow, so I decided to safe energy for the sprint. Thinking back now, I should just have followed and taken the chance. I was feeling strong all day, I just need to believe in myself.

Well, we were down to five riders sprinting for 3rd place. The last Scandic rider was a sprinter with fresh legs, so it was easy for her to take the last podium spot. I had a very close sprint finish with another rider about 5th place but this time she took it and I ended 6th.

Greve CC 2018

Sunday I raced the seasons first criterium in Greve. A route of 7 kilometers and 50 minutes of racing. We finally raced with the men’s C-class and we were 12 elite women on the start line with 20 men.

I didn’t know what to expect and to make it all a bit more difficult I was pushed hard in the rib on Saturday (by a stranger on the street!!), so I suffered with a lot of pain that not even pain killers could release me from. Seems to be a bruised rib and hello to another “injury” 🙁

I was hoping that the focus on racing and high pulse would make me forget about hurding, but the only thing I could think of when the race started was “auch, auch and more auch”. The deeper I breathed the more it hurt.

The race was a bit chaotic in the beginning and the speed was high. I used too much energy on closing gaps and once I also tried to get away from the peloton. Stupid decision, but that’s how I learn.

Greve CC kriterium
Foto: Claus Ljungdahl

In a corner a rider in front of me was braking, so I also had too, and the gap after that was too long and my motivation was low because of the pain every time I pushed harder. I still fought my way back, but I couldn’t get my breath before the next attack in front, and I was too drained to keep up, so I had to let the peloton continue without me 🙁

The rest of the race I rode with one of the men and Josefine, so for fun I tried to make a lead-out for Josefine and I finished 6th. Seems like I do 6th place a lot lately. Hope to change that soon 😉

I rode home from the race, but it was also painful. I really hope that the rib will recover fast, because I need to be ready for next weekend! 🙂

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