2018 Season Opener Race

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Today I participated in the season opener race. It is a short race where several levels are put together. You race with your numbers pinned on the jersey and the chip on the bike but there are no points, prizes or podium to conquer. It is good training and good for getting the legs in race mode for the season which officially starts (for me) on Saturday.

Season opener race
Photo: Kean Bang Sørensen

In the morning the team met for breakfast before riding together to the start. The route was only 4,3 kilometers and we had to do 15 laps. We were 75 riders on the start line consisting of Women A, Women B, Women Junior, U17 Boys, Men D, Men 40, Men 50, Men 60 and Men 70, so a wide mix of levels.

Race number
Race number of 2018 season

I have been really curious about my mental state in the peloton since I left the game last year after a crash and didn’t make it back before the end of the season.

The first laps I lost momentum in the corners, but I felt comfortable in the peloton and I had enough power to close the gaps. After some time, I got familiar with the corners and saving energy in the corners made me able to find my way to the front and take turns with the guys.

Season Opener Race
Photo: Kean Bang Sørensen

I heard the speaker saying “two laps left” so I pushed it a bit but the next time we passed the finish line it was “two laps left” again and that was a bit too much for me, so I went back in the peloton to save a little energy for the final. Big mistake! The result was me being blocked in the fight for positions before the last corner and I was not able to sprint in the final. Damn it!

Team Integra Advokater - Giant kit
New Team Integra Advokater – Giant kit

We raced 65 kilometers with an average speed of 42,5 kph and I am happy that I was able to sit in the peloton without fear and without struggling to hang on. I have definitely improved my cornering, but I can still be better. It was also only my third ride on the new team bike, so I still have to get to know it and find a good position.

Giant Liv Langma
Giant Liv Langma is my new toy 😉

Next up is 3 Days in the North in Jutland and I am PRAYING for better weather conditions than last year!

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